This blog takes its name from two concepts: the fringe in James’s thought and the horizon from Husserl. Initially, this blog had at its inspiration trying to reconcile the many ways in which phenomenology and pragmatism have come to influence me, but since then I’ve invited others to be their own authors and editors. There’s no common theme here except to develop a love of philosophy and to model inquiry publicly on the internet. Some of our discussions may be written to other philosophers, and others may be experiments in thinking. Enjoy


One Reply to “About”

  1. Hold up. Why call this a crossroad of American and Continental, and then claim utter openness? I suggest revision: “crossroads of intellectual and philosophical thought?” WE can keep the byline and just add to it based on whatever contributors we have and how they might want to self-identify. Especially since many of my contributions are aimed at intellectual culture in general, not just philosophy.

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