On Emerson and My Work

In Emerson’s work and inspired pen
I come to write poetry again
The world and me become and grow
The All-in-One will know
How all the parts of the whole relate
Our own virtue in our willing fate
As poetry and sophia combine
Philosophy is the threading line
In soul each poem doth reveal some belief
Leaving behind logos in mind’s relief

True it is said of that I can’t do
Follow the example I knew
My efforts can never reach
What his poetry can teach
Emerson was and is now to judge
A philosopher more, poet begrudge
His work always metaphysical
Despite his wording being mystical
His poems a logic doth reveal
Process ontology unconceal
In process is the really-real.

By J. Edward Hackett

J. Edward Hackett, Ph.D is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Southern University and A&M College in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in the United States. He specializes in American Philosophy, Continental Philosophy, and Ethics. He is the author of several books: Persons and Values in Pragmatic Phenomenology: An Exploration of Moral Metaphysics (2018), Phenomenology in the 21st Century (2016, coedited with J. Aaron Simmons), House of Cards and Philosophy (2015), and a novel, Flight of the Ravenhawk (2019). Hackett received his Ph.D. in 2013 from Southern Illinois University focusing on phenomenology and pragmatism, and his M.A. in analytic philosophy from Simon Fraser University in 2008. His philosophical work has been translated in Spanish and Russian. Recent work has paid attention to the overlap between Catholic and Methodist personalism in Scheler and Brightman, process metaphysics, the metaphysical underpinnings of Ralph Waldo Emerson, and the ethics and political philosophy of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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