Neoliberalism and Production

Adam Kotsko at An und fur sich writes on the problems of neoliberalism.


Neoliberalism always presupposes production. It is not interested in how it happens or how to cultivate it — indeed, its typical strategies evince an assumption that it exists more or less automatically and the goal of the market is to find and reward it. Take teaching reform. Clearly, the thinking there is that the ability to teach is a more or less inborn trait. Reform does not concern itself primarily with teacher training, and it undermines traditional ways in which teachers have governed and assessed themselves. Instead, it takes an output (test scores), assumes that it’s generated by an input (teaching ability), and then sets up a market-like mechanism to make sure that the “good teachers” rise to the top regardless of how they came by that ability. ……


2 Replies to “Neoliberalism and Production”

  1. I would siggest that neoliberalism as such doesnt have a great deal to do with what is going on. Or that the recent seemingly unstoppable modes of the destruction of both human culture and the biosphere too, are an inevitable development of the power-and-control-seeking momentum of the Western world machine it-self, as pictured in this stark image:

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