Vallega on Forgetting Being and Heidegger

I like this a lot. From Sense and Finitude by Alejandro A Vallega:

We are so taken with the urgency of production that we do not have the time for remaining and undergoing the configurations of senses of being. When all being is producing and producing is the infinite activity of being, there is not any time for questions, hesitations, doubts, pauses, or silences: what only counts, for now and for the future, if it is to be, is presence and production. In this urgency and fixation with the immediate presence of things and the securing of them in the future, we not only lose an forget being in other registers, but that very forgetting slips into oblivion. Even if one were to encounter questions, silences, and doubt, these are only referred  to the need for more quantitative calculation and production, since any lack in the economy of machination can only mean that we must produce more and more effectively. In short, in light of Heidegger’s observations, we can see that the quantitative and technological drive of machination and its velocity project us into a massive horizon of infinite progress that we follow with eye, body, heart and reason; while in t hat infinite wave we recede towards a limitless emptiness marked only by our ever so close and imperceptible forgetting oblivion (15).

I have been in contact with a few friends this past day, and we have been discussing how science takes place within the cultural horizon of this forgetting being. I will think more on it and may have more things to say.


One Reply to “Vallega on Forgetting Being and Heidegger”

  1. Ed, I get this, but I find it amusing that you like this “continental talk” a lot more than I do. Don’t get me wrong–you recall I almost completed a dissertation on Heidegger–but I wrote in a “neo-scholastic” style rather than a “late Heideggerian.” No surprise I prefer early Heidegger….

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