Pragmatism and Politics

Some may note that I publish a lot of political commentaries and reports. Why do that on a reputedly “philosophical” blog? Welcome to American pragmatism, friends, a tradition of philosophy that conceives it as inseparable from practice. Hence, I cannot claim to do politics or ethics without a thorough grounding in the real-world conditions of both, and they are fair game for any philosophical thought. Now, if you want the more standard academic fare, join me at Immanent Transcendence where I publish the more academic and technical stuff, but speaking just for my contribution to The Horizon and the Fringe, I intend to be more accessible, timely, and less technical–for a general audience. Ok, maybe for the intelligentsia.

For instance, I was reading a report from the American Association of University Professors yesterday, and saw that they quoted their first president, John Dewey, on the best practices of faculty and board of trustees relations. Yehaw, there’s a pragmatist for ya!

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