The Four Horsemen: Dennet, Dawkins, Harris, Hitchens


3 Replies to “The Four Horsemen: Dennet, Dawkins, Harris, Hitchens”

  1. Just in case someone does me the disservice of presuming to infer, I’ll cut them to the chase. No, I do not approve of their statements and find many of them to be straw man arguments. On the flip side, that does not mean that I am for the opposition, either, and we should just agree to stop thinking in binaries. I prefer thinking in pudding, actually, and it will be chocolate.

  2. I used to call myself an atheist, having decided that I was one at the age of 15 (33 years ago, for those keeping track). But I find “the New Atheists” so repugnant that I was abandoned that designation. My real views are probably somewhere between Rorty’s anti-clericalism and Habermas’ post-secularism, but that’s a complicated position, and one that (so far) lacks a mass-marketed paperback venue.

  3. Welcome and glad you could join us, Zappa. I am very sympathetic to religion and spirituality, and if things had gone differently, might have joined the clergy as I have the temperament. I mention this in part because whenever I find strong or extreme views on this subject, it is usually temperament or some such speaking, and nothing intellectual or ameliorative. In case you were wondering, what you describe doesn’t count as “strong” by my scale.

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