Why Do I Teach?

Gary Cutting of the Notre Dame Philosophy Department answers this question. He’s got a good point, and I would go farther. When my pedagogy succeeds, my students live’s are changed forever, and many of them know it. It may not change their job prospects, but it certain affects who they are, and given that those changes concern ethics, justice, and rational justification, how can we let such pedagogy die? I have an eternal faith in the human spirit and the heroic virtue within us.


One Reply to “Why Do I Teach?”

  1. All that said, in a discussion, someone pointed out that the fact that the author teaches in one of the most privileged universities in the U.S., with the highest caliber students, qualifies his comments. People like myself who work in the trenches, who struggle to get students to read and who face low-levels of reading comprehension when they do, have a different experience.

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