Introduction to Our Blog

In starting a new blog, I realize the challenges that many of us coming onto the job market face and the pressing demands to always keep researching. Being a philosopher means seeking out possibilities and this blog is a place to share what each of us is seeking. Let us not fool ourselves either. As philosophers, we understand that to communicate our insights is to invite the critical scrutiny of our efforts, but a space is demanded for the scrutiny and sharing our efforts invite. This blog is a space to share and dialogue while respecting the myriad of interests between three areas of specialization: American, Continental and Asian Philosophy. In light of this I have taken the first step towards building a blog with a community of researchers I have grown to call friends and colleagues, but by no means do I intend to stop there.

What I want from this blog is to eventually add many contributors in the profession of American, Continental and Asian philosophy. If you are familiar with how PEA Soup does it, I would like to emulate that same setup for these areas. If the blog is successful, then area editors could be nominated and this blog could truly become a democratic platform to launch discussions about scholars and students specializing in these areas.

Beyond the sharing of philosophical work, like many other sites, we will share call for papers, call for abstracts, and other relevant news. For now, please don’t hesitate to contact me through the META section on the lower right hand column.



One Reply to “Introduction to Our Blog”

  1. I don’t think we need anything so formal as “area editors.” Rather, I’ll be like, ED! We need some more analytic on that, stat! You know I can only handle epistemology–it’s you’re turn. And then, snap, John comes on and says …. dudes, I can totally fake that. Meanwhile, on the farm….

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